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FAQ - Settings for types of leave
I received two types of leave bundled as one. How do I split them up again?
I received two types of leave bundled as one. How do I split them up again?

Learn how to split combined leave into new leave types.

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Before we had only one type of leave available. With our new feature, it is possible to create separate types of leave, apart from holidays. This means you can also request maternity leave or exchange your overtime for extra time off.

In the step-by-step plan below, we'll guide you through a case study to show how to get the combined holiday budget untangled and how it has been divided into separate types of leave.

Case study

Imagine, you have a colleague who wants to take maternity leave from her budget. In the old situation, the employee requested leave and attached the label "maternity leave" and then it wasn't taken from the holiday leave budget. Now you want these requests to be directed to separate typse of leave. This way you and your colleague have a better overview of the available leave allowance within maternity leave.

By taking the following steps, you can take hours from the general leave budget and place it into a separate type.

Step-by-step plan

Step 1 - create a type of leave
Create the leave type "maternity leave" and connect it to the right employee.

Step 2 - determine the allowance as of January 1st
We advise not to process the requests retroactively, but to start in the new year on January 1st. The old requests are processed in the budget calculations, which takes a lot of time to untangle. That's why it's better to determine a set allowance for January 1st.

Optional: aligning leave allowances retroactively

As mentioned before, we advise not to process requests retroactively. In this case to move all requested maternity leave to a new leave type. This is because doing so is prone to errors. In case you want to do so anyway, you can follow the steps below.

Step 3 - retrieve all leave requests that need to be moved
In the leave requests overview of your colleage, filter on the right label. In our example this is "maternity leave".

Step 3 - Moving
Open the request and move the hours of the leave type "holiday" to "maternity leave".

Please note! In case the box "Leave request not charged to leave allowance" is ticked, then untick it. Then all the leave hours will correctly be taken from the maternity leave allowance.

Step 4 - (if applicable) realigning the holiday budget

If it does have to be charged on, you must then use a leave mutation to still straighten out the holiday allowance because after moving the maternity leave, hours are again added to the holiday allowance.

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