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Using filters in HoorayHR
Using filters in HoorayHR

In this article we’ll explain how you can use filters in HoorayHR.

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The longer you have been using HoorayHR, the more data you have gathered. You can easily navigate this data by using filters to get quick business insights. HoorayHR provides you with a filter to navigate data by year, quarter or month. Do you want to view all overtime made last month? Easy-peasy!

Viewing different timeframes

The current year is the standard timeframe. You can set this to different timeframes:

  • All items (shows any item available)

  • Custom period (shows all items within a specific timeframe)

  • Year (shows all items within a specific year)

  • Quarter (shows all items within a specific quarter)

  • Month (shows all items within a specific month)

  • Week (shows all items within a specific week)

  • Day (shows all items on a specific day)

HoorayHR saves your settings and applies this to all overviews Whether you are viewing leave, absenteeism, overtime, contracts or the calendar.

Custom period

Do you need an overview of a specific period? No worries, just use the “custom period”. After selecting this you can enter a start and end date. Then, all items within these two dates will be shown.


You can easily navigate after having selected a period (except for “all items” and “custom period”). Use the “previous” and “next” buttons to navigate.

Example: You have selected a monthly overview and click “next” to jump to the next month.

Example no. 2: You have selected a quarterly overview and click “next” to jump to the next quarter.

Jump to today

Use this super easy shortcut to navigate to the current date (today). Imagine you’re looking at the 2023 calendar. You click the “Today” button to navigate directly to the calendar of the current year. This applies to all other overviews as well (overtime, absenteeism, leave, contracts, etc.)

Example: You’re viewing a weekly overview and click on today (today being 06-02-2024 at the time of writing this article) HoorayHR directly shows you all data for week 6!

Jump to a specific date

Aside from navigating to “today”, you can also use the “jump-to-date” button. Your overviews will changed based on this date.

Example: You’re viewing a monthly overview and jump to 06-01-2024. Then, HoorayHR shows you all data of the month January in 2024.

Example no. 2: You’re viewing a quarterly overview and jump to 01-02-2024. Then, HoorayHR shows you all data of the first quarter of 2024.

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