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Performance management
Keep track of your team’s performance
Keep track of your team’s performance

You’ll learn all about the Performance management feature in HoorayHR in this article.

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The HoorayHR Performance feature allows you to get insights into the development of your teams and employees. Employees can set goals and add reports of one-on-one meetings or performance reviews. There are two places from which you can keep track of development in your team.

Performance management report

The Performance management report provides you with clear insights of team and employee progress. All in one clear overview, clear and simple.

You’ll see exactly how many goals and reports an employee has completed within a certain time period. This gives you an overview of their monthly progress.

  1. Access “Reports” from the main menu.

  2. Select “Performance management”

  3. You’ll see the open goals, completed goals and reports of each team.

  4. At the top right, select whether you want to see reports from the past year, quarter or a custom time frame.

This gives you a clear overview of the running HR processes so the team can keep developing.

Reports and Goals Overview

The Performance overview page shows you an overview of reports and goals.

  1. Reports: the reports overview lets you retrieve all reports. You can use a time filter to navigate to a certain period, such as a specific month. You can also sort and filter the entire table. That’s useful when you want to see which reports still need to be sent in and assessed. You can view these by filtering on “Status”.

  2. Goals: do you want an overview of all ongoing and completed goals? Then go to the Goals overview page. Here you’ll see all employee goals and you can use time filters. This let’s you view which goals have been completed in a certain month, quarter or year.

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