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Get started with "Performance"
Get started with "Performance"
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Workflow for progress cycle

Use the "Workflows" feature to set up a process for the progress cycle. Include here, for example, that the employee should complete their performance review or set goals.

Read more about workflows.

Reporting and questionnaires

All reporting can be found under "Performance" in the employee's profile. This gives you a clear overview of all the meetings that have taken place and the goals set during these meetings.

Setting goals easily

You can create goals in HoorayHR to help you with your development. These will also appear in the "Performance" feature.

Read more about setting goals.

Smart reports

Within the "Personal performance" report, it is possible to get a clear overview of progress per team and employee. Everything in one simple overview, clear and simple.

So you can see exactly how many goals and reports an employee has completed in a given time period. This gives you a monthly insight of progress, for example.

Read more about Team's performance.

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