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The feedback feature allows employees to request feedback from those around them. This article provides an overview of the features.

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With our feedback feature, employees can request their own feedback for their personal development. You will find the feature in the "Performance" menu.

Requesting feedback

Use the 360 degree feature to actively help employees with their development. Employees can request feedback from colleagues in HoorayHR, but also from external people by entering a name and e-mail address. When requesting feedback, you can choose to do so anonymously; after sending the feedback request, it is then impossible to see who you invited and from whom the feedback came.After sending the request, respondents receive an e-mail about the requested feedback. If a deadline is set, reminders are automatically sent to everyone who has not yet provided feedback.

Note: by default, employees cannot request feedback themselves. You activate this as an administrator via Company settings > Performance.

Creating survey templates

You can easily create survey and save them as templates, so that your colleagues can immediately get started when they want to ask for feedback. Multiple types of questions are possible: open text fields, multiple choice, emojis and ratings. Long survey? Divide the questions into sections for more overview! Give your surveys a description so your employees know what they can use them for and you're ready to go!

Insight in feedback results

To view and process the feedback results, we provide a visual overview page of all the answers given. This allows the employee to immediately see where their development points lie. You can view feedback by clicking on a row in the overview and navigating to the "Responses" tab.

You can view one overview of all responses, or view the answers per respondent.

Feedback results are always visible to the employee themselves, their team leader and all users with an administrator role.

Timeline of personal development

In the profile, you can see in one overview all actions around the employee's personal development: requested feedback, reporting and goals.

Available for all our customers

The feature is available to all our customers free of charge in quarter 1 and 2 of 2024. Later, it will be offered as a paid add-on.

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