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Get started with "Colleagues"
Get started with "Colleagues"
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All personnel files in one place

Everything from personal data to contracts to dietary requirements can be stored in the personnel file.

Contracts, salaries, work schedules

All this information is included in the employee's employment data.

Read here in detail how to add contracts, salaries and work schedules in HoorayHR.

Organising by teams

In HoorayHR, we make use of teams. By classifying your colleagues by team, you not only create an overview, but also the possibility of having requests processed by team leaders. This saves a lot of work for the administrator, but also ensures that employees get their response faster when it comes to leave, for instance.

Find out more about creating and setting up teams here.

Useful overviews

Easily export excel sheets with everyone's birthday, address or, for example, emergency information.

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