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Get started with "Sick leave"
Get started with "Sick leave"
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Registering and monitoring absence

HoorayHR uses the following steps for reporting absence and recovery:

Step 1 - Report absence: your colleague reports sick.

Step 2 - Report recovery: your colleague reports back to work.

Step 3 - Confirm recovery: a team leader or administrator confirms that your colleague has returned to work.

A team leader or manager can also report absence later. You then register absence and recovery in a single operation. This way, you maintain an overview and can easily monitor the absence of your team(s).

Keep an overview of absence

Via the main menu, you can access a complete overview of all absences. Here, you can easily filter by team, and person, but also by time period. The latter is useful, for example, if you want to report absence figures to your absence insurance company on a monthly or quarterly basis!

Absence reporting for overview and trends

You can find a lot of data about absenteeism within your company under reports. Such as the following:

Hours of absenteeism - The number of hours of absence

Sickness hours are calculated based on a work schedule/availability. Absence reports without a get-well report are not taken into account. Only absence reports that have been completed (colleague is better again) are calculated.

% Absenteeism percentage

Based on the work schedule of all active colleagues, HoorayHR calculates how many hours the company or a team can run. Using this number versus the number of hours of absenteeism, the absenteeism rate is calculated (what percentage of total working time someone has been sick).

This data helps with analysing and recognising trends regarding your absenteeism.

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