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Get started with "Workflows"
Get started with "Workflows"
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Smart task lists for onboarding / offboarding

HoorayHR allows administrators and team leaders to create their own workflows. This way, you can organise all your HR processes into handy workflows and never forget a task again! For example, you can easily process the onboarding and offboarding of new employees with a workflow.

Assign tasks with deadlines

You can assign deadlines to all tasks in a workflow. All tasks you assign to employees will appear in their "Tasks". They will be notified by e-mail as well as whenever the deadline is about to expire.

Flexible set-up with templates

As an administrator and team leader, you can create your own workflow templates. This allows you to store all your recurring HR processes in handy templates. You can prepare a standard set of tasks, for example when onboarding a new employee, in one go. Very practical, isn't it?

Read how to create these templates here.

Overview of the progress of all workflows

As an administrator, you can see in the "Workflows" feature all workflows currently enabled in your company. Here you can also see the progress of all these workflows.

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