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My trial period has run out. What do I do?
My trial period has run out. What do I do?

What to do when your trial period has run out? We’ll explain what to do.

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The aim of HoorayHR is to have entrepreneurs streamline their HR administration with ease. All HR processes are in one place, so you always have an overview of absence, leave, company assets and many more. You get the opportunity to use our application for 14 days free of charge, after which you can subscribe to HoorayHR. This only costs € 5.00 per user per month and you can cancel the subscription on a monthly basis.

Onboarding with HoorayHR

Having trouble adding new employees or assigning specific tasks within the HoorayHR workspace? Don’t worry! We’d be happy to help you personally through our support chat and we’re always available by phone or email to take some work off your hands. We’ll ensure your onboarding so you can start using our application right away!

Upgrading the HoorayHR workspace

Have you passed the 14-day mark and have you decided to start using HoorayHR? Then it’s time to upgrade your HoorayHR workspace Click the “Upgrade” button and enter your payment details. The automatic invoicing will be enabled. Welcome to HoorayHR!

From now on, you will always be able to ask for help with onboarding when you run into something. We’re always accessible through the support chat and we’re more than happy to help you.

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