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Adding employees to HoorayHR is the most important to getting you started. We’re happy to help you on your way!

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It’s so nice that you’ll be using HoorayHR! To get started it is important to add employees to the HoorayHR workspace, assign roles such as team leaders and administrators and to creat teams if necessary. When you have assigned team leaders, they can view and process all their team member’s requests. We’ll help you trough multiple help articles so you can get a flying start with HoorayHR.

Adding and inviting employees

When getting started, it’s important that you add employees to the workspace. Employees get invited by e-mail, after which they can join directly and view their own personnel file. In the article “Adding employees“ we explain how to invite colleagues step by step.

Adding new employees is also a piece of cake!

Teams in HoorayHR

You can also create and assign teams and team leaders in HoorayHR. To structure work well many organisatiosn work in teams. By creating these teams in HoorayHR as well, it becomes possible for the team leader to process requests directly. This way, the team leader knows right away who is available or what requests have been sent in, for example!

Archiving employees

We understand you don’t want to see employees who have left the company in your everyday overview. However, a safe-keeping obligation applies to the documents and data of these employees. In HoorayHR, you can archive employees who have left the company. You can do this easily by accessing the settings of the employee in question.

If you’ve got a specific question about the “Colleagues” feature in Hooray HR, don’t hesitate to read more about this category or to contact us by chat.

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