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Activate the Slack integration with HoorayHR
Activate the Slack integration with HoorayHR

In this article we will describe how you can add the Slack integration to your HoorayHR account

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With the integration between Slack and HoorayHR, you will conveniently get notifications from your HoorayHR account directly into your Slack channel and can take action even faster while working in Slack. Handy if you work with both systems and can now move even faster when a new task comes in for you on HoorayHR.

To use the integration within your business environment, you need to have a Workspace in Slack. Or to create a workspace go to You can contact Slack for further guidance on setting up a workspace and commissioning. Want to know more about Workspaces in Slack? Check out's website.

Two steps are required to receive notifications via Slack:

  1. The administrator of the HoorayHR environment activates the integration (click).

  2. Then each employee can link their personal Slack account to their HoorayHR account (click).

Step 1 (for admins) - Activating the Slack & HoorayHR integration

To allow your employees to link their personal Slack account, you first need to activate the Slack integration once. Activation is very simple.

Are you an administrator and already logged into HoorayHR? Click here to activate the integration immediately. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to Integrations in your HoorayHR account

Step 2: Click 'Add integration'

Step 3: Choose the Slack integration in the overview on the integrations page

Step 4: Click 'Install' ('Installeer') on the left-hand side

Step 5: Done!

Now that the integration within the HoorayHR environment has been activated, you and your colleagues can link your personal Slack account to your HoorayHR account via the notification settings. Read on for instructions.

Step 2 (for employees) - Activate notifications for Slack: linking your personal Slack account

To receive notifications via Slack, link your personal Slack account to your HoorayHR account. Each employee can do this for themselves as follows.

Step 1: Navigate to 'My settings' in HoorayHR

Step 2: Click on β€˜Notifications’

Step 3: If not yet done, click 'Add to Slack'

Step 4: In the window that appears, grant access in the Slack environment where you want to receive the notifications.

Step 5: β€˜Save’

Note: Notifications about personal events (e.g. your own leave requests) are always sent. In addition, administrators and team leaders can set which company events they want to be notified of.

πŸŽ‰ Done! From now on, you will automatically receive notifications in your Slack account about events in HoorayHR, keeping you even faster informed and allowing you to take action where necessary. Super handy, right?

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know :)

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