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Planning time and recurring events in HoorayHR
Planning time and recurring events in HoorayHR

In this article we’ll explain how you can schedule time and set recurring events in HoorayHR!

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Scheduling time and recurring events has been made easy in HoorayHR. You can quickly set up a work schedule so part-timers or people on a zero-hours contract know when they’re supposed to work. In addition, it is possible to schedule someone for a number of weeks at a fixed time. This saves you loads of time!

Scheduling time

You can easily schedule time in HoorayHR.

  1. Select “Add hours”. You can do this from the dashboard, by clicking “+ New”, or from the calendar or the Time overview itself.

  2. You can select dates in the future easily in the “Add hours” screen. Enter at what date you or an employee is working, and if you wan the amount of breaks on that day.

  3. Then you save and send the request.

The hours will be shown in the employee app and when they’ve been approved they’re also but in the business calendar.

Now everyone is up to date about the schedule. Moreover, the calendar shows the occupancy.

Scheduling recurring events

  1. Select the day, time and a break if needed just like you would for a regular request.

  2. Then select the frequency and an end date if you want from the repeat dropdown menu. In the example below we see someone working on Saturday and “every week” has been selected. This means that the employee involved works every Saturday.

  3. When you know this is only for the coming 2 months, for example, select an end date. When you don’t select an end date, the hours are added indefinitely.

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