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How the Employment feature works
How the Employment feature works

In this article we’ll explain how the employment feature works and what information you can enter.

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All information is stored together, from contracts to the salary! You’ll find all these details under “Employment”. This makes it easy to quickly and easily retrieve information and to change it if necessary. Below we have outlined what you can find under “Employment”.


You’ll find a short summary with the most important information regarding the employment of an employee here. You’ll have one overview of important contract data and the amount of time worked.


The Employment feature let’s you start or end an employment so you can easily add employees to or remove them from the HoorayHR workspace. This allows you to enter important data like the start and end date of a contract in a few quick steps. Below you will find a couple links to the articles that involve starting and ending employment.


Here you’ll find the type of contract, the amount of hours and the start and possible end date from the contract belonging to the employee.


The Schedule shows you how many hours a day an employee is at work and how much they work in total.

Tip: The annual leave allowance is based on these contract hours and the start date of the schedule. Take this into consideration when an employee starts later in the year or is about to end their contract. You can change the data of the schedule so that it aligns with the annual leave allowance!


Here you’ll find the current salary of your employee. In case your employee is up for a raise, you can change the salary for a pre-set date as well! In order to keep transparency, the administrator who put in the raise will be recorded in the system.

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