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Ending an employee’s employment
Ending an employee’s employment

In this article we’ll show you how you can quickly and efficiently start the process of ending an employee’s employment.

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Even though your company is probably the greatest place to work at, it could happen that an employee is looking for a new adventure and will be leaving you. When an employee’s employment is ended, it’s important to process all their data well.

To make sure you don’t forget anything, HoorayHR has set up a process for ending an employee’s employment. You’ll be able to end the employment in a few short steps. Current and future contracts, salaries, and availabilities will be wrapped up for you automatically. You can also start your own workflow.

Please note! You can end an employee’s employment when a start date is known and the end date of the contract hasn’t been filled in yet.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step plan for successfully ending someone’s employment.

  1. Go to “Colleagues” and select the right employee.

  2. Select “Employment” in their profile in the menu on the left.

  3. Select “Employment” again in the overview.

  4. Click “Terminate employment”.

  5. During the first step you’ll be able to set an end date, and if you want start an automatic workflow for this employee and archive them.

    Tip: Before you end the employment, create a special workflow in which you ask the employee to return their laptop and other items to the office. Get started with creating a workflow.

    Tip: Archiving employees can also be done later. Archiving an employee means they will no longer be able to log in to their HoorayHR account. This means they can’t complete any more tasks or workflows. So, keep that in mind when archiving an employee!

  6. Happy with what you’ve filled out? Click “Next”.

  7. You’ll get a screen with a summary of what you have entered in the previous step and you’ll get a notification asking you whether you want to make the termination of the contract finite.

    Please note!
    The following action cannot be undone. The following changes will be made:

    For the current contract, salary and availability, an end date will be set.
    All future contracts, salaries and schedules will be deleted.

  8. When you click “terminate employment”, all the entered details will be changed and executed.

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