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Starting an employee’s employment
Starting an employee’s employment

What details do you need to put a new employee into the HoorayHR system? We’ll help you out!

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help you out!

When a new employee joins the company, this causes a lot of excitement but also comes with a lot of extra tasks The correct (personal) details need to be retrieved, entered into the system, and checked of course. With HoorayHR this is a breeze. Follow the steps below and you will have added that great new employee to your HoorayHR account in no time.

  1. First we’ll create a new employee. Go to “Colleagues”.

  2. Enter their first and last name and their e-mail address. Then click “Add”.

  3. Find the right employee within the “Colleagues” tab and click on their name.

  4. Click “Employment” in the top left menu.

  5. Then click “Employment” in the middle of the screen.

  6. Click “Start employment” Now we’ve started the process of entering a couple important details for this employee.

Please note! You can only click “Start employment” when no start date is known yet. When you’ve put in an end date of the employment this functionality will also not work.

Step 1. Enter the start date of the employment.

Step 2. Enter their contract details: type of contract; amount of hours; start date and an end date if applicable. You can also put in whether it involves a probation period and whether the contract has been signed.

Step 3. Then it’s time to add the schedule. How many hours and on which days will the new employee be working?

Step 4. The last step is to enter the new employee’s salary.

TIP: You don’t have to take these 4 steps at the start. You can also hit “Skip” and enter the details later.

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