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In this article we’ll explain how you can easily register hours in HoorayHR.

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You can register hours for a specific project or spent for a subsidy, for example. HoorayHR lets you keep on track of the hours spent in your business. In this article we’ll explain how you can easily register hours in HoorayHR.

Want to know how to approve, process and compensate those hours once they are registered? Check out the following articles in the help centre:

Register hours

Tracking time is a piece of cake when using HoorayHR. You can register the hours in the following way:

  1. From the dashboard: you can register the hours through the '+ New' button under the category "Quickly navigate to".

  1. Through the business calendar: you can add the hours to the calendar by clicking the right day. Select “Add hours” and register them directly.

  2. Through the app: you can use the self service app to register hours by clicking the “+” button.

Registering hours as an employee

Once you have started registering hours a form will show up. This form for registering hours for employees works as follows:

  1. Way of compensation
    When you need hours to be compensated, such as overtime, you can select the way of compensation here.
    Select “pay out” when you want your hours to be paid out.
    When you want to be compensated by adding time to the annual leave allowance, select “Time off in lieu”.
    When you don’t want to be compensated, select “None”.

  2. Selecting labels
    You can attach a label to the hours so you can bundle project time, group percentages of overtime, or create insights in time spent on subsidised work. We’ll explain how exactly labels work.

  3. Day, time and breaks
    Select the day and the start and end time. HoorayHR calculates (round to 1 decimal place) how many hours you worked. Did you get a break during work? Enter the amount of total breaks in minutes. All calculations are done automatically.

  4. Recurring events
    Do you want to register hours for multiple days? Or want to add future hours? You can make recurring events for these. You can do this by selecting the frequency in which they occur. You can select “every day”, “every week”, “every 2 weeks” or “every 4 weeks”. Then you add an end date to provide an end to the recurring events. Based on this, hours are processed into the system. It’s useful for administrators to process recurring events through the hours overview There, you can process them in bulk.
    Finally, you can select whether you want to send a notification for all items. This is turned off by default for recurring events so administrators and team leaders don’t get tons of e-mails at once. Other articles that might come in useful:
    - Planning time in HoorayHR
    - Processing items in bulk

  5. Description
    Describe which project, job, or client is involved. The clearer your description, the more context your administrator or team leader has to approve the hours.

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