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Using time in lieu or overtime
How do I submit my hours worked (time-off-in-lieu)?
How do I submit my hours worked (time-off-in-lieu)?

We'll show how employees can submit hours worked as time-off-in-lieu.

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Do you want to submit overtime and save your extra hours as time-off-in-lieu? Then follow the steps below to make sure your hours are assigned to the time-off-in-lieu budget.

Do you want to know how to then approve, process and compensate these hours? Then check the following articles in our Help Centre:

  • Approving hours

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  • Compensating hours

Adding hours

You can add hours to HoorayHR in the following ways:

  1. From the dashboard: you can directly add hours from your dashboard by clicking "New" in the menu.

  2. From the company calendar: you can directly add hours through the calendar by selecting the right day. Select "Add hours" and directly write your hours.

  3. Through the app: use the Self Service App to add hours directly by clicking the "+" button.

Adding hours as an employee

Once you have started adding hours, the time sheet form will pop up. For employees, it works as follows:

  1. Desired way of compensation
    In this case, you pick "Time-off-in-lieu". These hours will then be added to the time-off-in-lieu budget.

  2. Selecting labels
    Do you want to add a label to the hours to organise them better? Then select the label(s) that applyl to the hours you are submitting.

  3. Which day, times and breaks
    Select the day and the start and end time. HoorayHR calculates how many hours (rounded to to one decimal) you worked. Did you take a break during your working hours? Then enter the amount of minutes of the total breaks. All calculations will be made automatically.

  4. Recurring items
    Do you want to add your hours for multiple days? Or do you want to add yoru hours for the future? Then you can set recurring items. This is done by setting a frequency. You can pick from "every day", "every week", "every other week" or "every four weeks". Then you'll add an enddate until the time you want to repeat it. Based on this, separate time items are created.

    Finally, you can choose whether you want to send a notification for all items. For recurring items this is turned off by default so team leaders and admins don't get tons of e-mails all at once.

  5. Description
    Describe for which project, assignment or client the hours are. The clearer you are, the more context your admin or team leader has when approving your time sheet.

Hours automatically assigned to time-off-in-lieu leave types

Once you have selected "time-off-in-lieu" as compensation, these hours will be added to the time-off-in-lieu leave type. This means that these hours can be used as leave (on top of leave accumulated by other means).

Do you want to take leave from the hours you saved as time-off-in-lieu? Check out this page to find out how to request leave.

Do you want to know how the accumulated leave of this type can be retrieved from your profile? Then have a look at this page in our Help Centre.

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