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Get started with "Time"
Get started with "Time"
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Register and approve

You can add hours to HoorayHR in the following ways:

  • From the dashboard: from your dashboard, you can add hours directly using the quick tasks (1) or via the menu by clicking on 'new' (2).

  • From the company calendar: from the calendar, you can add hours directly by clicking on the appropriate day. Choose 'Add hours' and you immediately start writing hours on the relevant day.

  • Via the app: via the self-service app, you can add hours directly by clicking the '+' action button in the app.

All registered hours will appear in the tasks of administrator and/or team leader for approval.

Time off in lieu

When writing hours, an employee can choose 'method of compensation' and then 'time off in lieu'. These are then released after approval to be taken again as leave.

Overview for payment (0-hours, min/max)

In reports, you can run an export of the hours worked and use them for payout.

Hours registration for projects/grants

You can create labels that you can then link to the hours worked. This gives you a nice overview of the number of hours worked on specific projects.

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