Introduction: HoorayHR for employees

In this article, we inform you as an employee about all the possibilities with HoorayHR

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In this article we’ll explain how you, as an employee, can use HoorayHR. Employees can use the web application and we recommend downloading the mobile app!

HoorayHR dashboard

There are multiple buttons and sections in the HoorayHR dashboard that will send you directly towards the right page or allow you to make a request directly. Under "My HR" it's possible to indicate your work location on a daily basis and also, you have insight into your leave balance and its build-up.

The dashboard displays the events for the coming weeks. You can view these for the entire organization or just for your team.

Under 'My requests' you'll find all pending requests you've made and that are still awaiting processing by your team leader. Finally, under 'My Tasks' you can see which actions are still waiting for you to complete.

Making a request in HoorayHR

You can use the sections under 'Quickly navigate to' on the right of the dashboard to make a simple request as an employee. You can use them to request leave, add hours to your schedule, call in sick, and to claim expenses.

Claiming expenses is a piece of cake if you use the mobile app. You just take a picture of the receipt, enter the amount and send the request to the administrator of your HoorayHR workspace.

Colleagues and the calendar

In the feature 'Colleagues' you’ll find all your colleagues in the organization. You’ll be able to see everyone’s position in the organization and to which team they belong. Click on your colleague's name to see their position and availability.

The 'Calendar' shows you the availability of your colleagues. If your colleague has taken a day off or is on extended leave, you'll see a colored bar appear in the calendar. Dark blue indicates that the colleague is off-duty, while a white space indicates that the colleague is working. Additionally, you also have the option here to specify whether you're working from the office or from home, and to plan this for an extended period in advance.

You can also integrate the HoorayHR business calendar with your own agenda. Read more about calendar integrations.

Your own profile

You’ll find all your HR related affairs in your profile. The submenu within 'My profile' shows you the leave requests you have made, overtime, absence and possible mutations.

In the 'Profile' section you will find your personal details and address details. When you move to a new appartment you can simply change your address here. That’s handy for you, your colleagues and team leaders!

Also helpful to know

Under 'My profile' you can access your own HR affairs, like:

  • Employment (contracts, employment terms, schedule)

  • Leave (budgets, requests, transactions and holidays)

  • Sick leave

  • Hours (overtime, hours worked on certain projects)

  • Expense claims (and travel expenses)

  • Workflows

  • Documents

  • Performance

  • Assets

Under 'Settings' you can set your preferred language. You can also set up 2FA, two-factor authentication by sliding the bar to “Enabled”. We’d be happy to help you through a few simple steps.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact your employer or team leader. If you both can’t figure things out or have a specific question, you can always reach out to our support team!

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