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Business calendar: leave, absenteeism and overtime in one place
Business calendar: leave, absenteeism and overtime in one place

You’ll learn more about the business calendar in HoorayHR. So, you’ll have leave, absenteeism and overtime in one place

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HoorayHR understands like no other that your team is the most valuable part of your company. No progress without talent. So, you’ll need to know about the capacity, who is available at what time, and give employees a simple overview so they can take time off when possible.

The calendar overview not only shows you the availability within the organisation, but also per team. You can take time off easily, because you can take into account your colleagues’ availability and plan ahead.

There are many possibilities within the HoorayHR business calendar. You’ll find the calendar in the left menu of the app. We’ve outlined the different possibilities below:

1. Filter on teams

2. Your annual leave allowance. You’ll be able to see how much time you can still take off.

3. The possibility to switch between different years.

4. Jump to “Today” or navigate horizontally in the agenda.

5. Weekends are coloured dark blue, except when you have changed the working days in your company settings.

6. Depending on the type of label you can see when a colleague is not available that day.

7. Grey leave requests haven’t been approved yet.

8. Green leave requests have been approved by the team leader or administrator.

Making requests through the calendar

You can also log overtime, call in sick or make a request for leave through the calendar.

  1. Select the day you want to make the request for.

  2. A selection menu will open up. You can set your work location and make requests.

  3. Select the type of request you want to make.

  4. Fill out the fields.

  5. Done! Your request is now pending.

Filter on teams

Do you want a team-overview in your calendar? Then you have to create teams first if you haven’t already. You can select your team in the calendar easily and team leaders get the ability to approve requests from their own team.

You’ll always be the most visible in your own calendar. That makes it easy for you to request time off, for example.

Annual leave allowance

The calendar also shows you your annual leave allowance so you know how much time off you can still request.


When an employee has called in sick, you’ll see it displayed on the calendar. Only the administrator can see this.

Calendar view

Annual overview

The calendar shows all days of the current year By default the current year is the one being displayed, but you can also view the past years. Halfway throughout the year you’ll be able to view the coming year, so you can ask time off in advance for your holidays!

Current day

The calendar is automatically set to today’s date. You can also use the navigation buttons to jump to today. With the previous/next arrows the calendar jumps to different weeks.


The calendar shows all days, only the weekends have been coloured light grey.

Your work schedule

In case you’re not working fulltime, the days on which you don’t work are coloured grey. This way your colleagues and team leader(s) know who is available on which day.

Requests (pending and approved)

You can view your requests in grey once you’ve made them.

When a request has been approved by your team leader, it turns green and is deduced from your annual leave allowance.

grey = pending

green = approved


  1. Set your work schedule, so your colleagues can see when you’re working and so your annual leave allowance can be calculated.

  2. Filter on teams to check out when your team members are on holiday. Then you can plan around their holidays and your team leader doesn’t have to worry about capacity.

  3. Just schedule ahead by blocking out hours in your calendar.

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