How do I request leave?

This article will explain how to request leave as an employee

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Applying for leave within HoorayHR is super easy and very fast! Follow the steps below and before you know it, your leave request will be waiting for approval!

Apply for leave

You can request leave in various places in HoorayHR;

  1. Dashboard
    In addition to some insights (status of your requests and your current credit), the Dashboard also offers direct access to request leave.

  2. Calendar
    Requesting leave is even easier through the calendar. Scroll to a date, click on a day and you can start applying. We automatically fill in as much as possible for you.

Leave Request Form

Below you will find all parts of the form for requesting leave.

  1. Type of leave
    Select your leave type. The leave options are specifically linked to you by your admin.

  2. How long is your leave
    A moment in the day (e.g. a few hours in a day), a (full) day or a longer period (several days off).

  3. Label
    If necessary, include a label with the leave request! For example, think of 'Holiday' or 'GP'. A label is not required.

  4. Spending indicator
    HoorayHR shows how many hours are deducted from your budget. HoorayHR checks this based on your work schedule.

  5. Reason (optional)
    Add a reason for your leave request.

  6. Make reason private (optional)
    You can optionally make your reason private. Your reason will then only be visible to team leaders and administrators. Based on the type of leave (see 1), HoorayHR makes the reason private by default (e.g. for a funeral, illness, etc.).

  7. Save
    As soon as you click 'Save', your request will be shared with the responsible team leader or administrator! Then all that’s left is waiting for approval.

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