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How do I request leave for a colleague as an admin?
How do I request leave for a colleague as an admin?

We'll show you how admins and team leaders can request leave for their colleagues.

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Admins and team leaders can request leave for a colleague. Follow the steps below in order to do so.

Step 1
Go to "Leave".

Step 2
Click "Request leave".

Step 3
Select the name of the colleague you want to request leave for.

Step 4
Select the correct type of leave you want to enter into the request.

Tip! Does it involve a leave request that shouldn't be taken off of the leave allowance of your colleague? Then tick the box.

Step 5
You can also select a label to distinguish the types of requests you make

Step 6
Select the correct timespan for the leave request.

Tip! If it is a recurring type of leave, like parental leave, then you can tick the box "recurring".

Step 7
You can add a reason or a comment. You can also set the comment as private, which will only make it visible to the team leader (and admin of course).

Step 8
The last step is processing the request. In this case, you have two options:

  1. You can immediately change the status to "Approved" in case you want to approve directly as a team leader or admin.

  2. Are you an admin filling out the request for an employee but does their team leader still have to approve? Then you can enter "Pending request". This allows the team leader to approve it.

Done! The request has been made.

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