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It’s so cool you’re getting started with HoorayHR! With this article we’re happy to be of service to ensure a perfect start for you!

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It’s so cool you’re getting started with HoorayHR! HoorayHR offers you the possibility to streamline your HR affairs and keep an overview of the personnel files of your employees. An important feature of HoorayHR is leave. Employees can make leave requests which can be approved or declined by the administrator or team leader. We also keep track of the annual leave allowance of every employee! We’ll explain to you how to see whether hours have been added to this allowance or moved.

How do you make leave requests?

To start using the leave feature in HoorayHR, the first step is to request leave. Employees can simply use the mobile app or web app. In our article about leave requests we’ll explain this to you in more detail.

Setting the annual leave allowance

You can create a mutation to add statutory leave and leave exceeding the statutory entitlement. Has the employee accrued a leave allowance that needs to be transferred to a different year or are you transitioning to HoorayHR in the middle of the year? The allowances and spent hours can easily be added. We’ll explain to you how to adjust the annual leave allowance in our article on “adding leave mutations”.

In case you’ve been using HoorayHR for a while and employees want to move their unused leave allowance to the next year, we’ve got an article for you about the year-end closing.

Do you have employees who want their unused leave allowance paid out? We’ll walk you through it in our article on paying out leave allowances.

What’s the annual leave allowance made up of?

The changes to the annual leave allowance and allowances from the past have been taken up in the annual leave allowance report. You can find more on the report itself in another article. It explains how the allowance is built up and what it consists of.

We’ll assist you and your employees in finding the right information about the annual leave allowance in our article about understanding the structure of the allowance. You’ll directly be able to view which leave has been transferred from previous years and to which categories the leave is applied.

Want to know more about leave?

Want to know more about the “Leave” feature in HoorayHR? Check out our leave category! Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us by chat!

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