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Manually changing accumulated leave from a past year
Manually changing accumulated leave from a past year
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The amount of leave that employees can bring into the new year can be manually changed in the settings of a type of leave. For holidays, there is a standard setting that the unused hours are taken into the next year.

In some cases you want to limit the amount of hours employees can take into the next year, or you want to pay our a part of the unused hours. To process this into the leave allowances of your employees, you can add leave mutations.

Adding mutations in bulk (multiple employees at the same time)

You can also use one overview to edit a certain type of leave for all employees in one go.

Step 1
Go to Leave > Leave mutations

Step 2
Click on the arrow next to the blue bottom "Add leave mutation" at the top right of your screen and select "Leave mutations in bulk".

Step 3
Select which type of leave you want to edit ("Holiday", for example).

Step 4
When selecting the type of mutation, pick "Received allowance", so you'll be able to differentiate.

Step 5
Set the first day of the year as date, 1 January 2023 for example.

Step 6
Add a description to the mutation, for example: "Correction accumulated leave taken from 2021".

Step 7
You'll see a list now of all employees with holiday leave (the numbers are expressed in hours). The column "taken" shows all the budgets that employees have left over from past years and will be taking into the new year.

Now you can very easily add a correction to the field. When you want to adjust the budget downwards, you'll have to add a minus before the number (for example: -40).

Step 8
To save all the changes, click "Add". Done!

Please note! Separate mutations are made for all employees.

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