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User rights and roles
Assigning roles: assigning a team leader
Assigning roles: assigning a team leader

Confused about the different roles and doubting what role to assign to employees? We’ll help you do it!

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There are 4 types of users with different types of rights in HoorayHR:

Administrator: often the employer, office manager or HR manager

Team leader: for team leaders, managers, heads of department or branch managers.

User/employee: for employees

Archived user/employee: for employees who are no longer with the organisation

Assign a team leader

Step 1: creating teams

To assign a team leader, you first need a team.

Go to Teams in the Colleagues tab to create a team. You can create multiple teams at once.

Step 2:

Select the team leader in the second column next to the team name.

Appoint one or multiple team leader(s) to a team. When you assign mulitple team leaders to one team, then all team leaders will get the requests for time off from that team.

Step 3:

Do you want to set up teams? We’d be happy to assist you in this article!

Assign an administrator

Step 1:

Open the profile of the employee that will get the administrator rights.

Step 2:

Under General > Settings, you will find the user rights.

Step 3:

Select “Administrator” as a role.

Step 4:

Save the profile.

Step 5:

Done! Inform the new administrator and let them carry out the steps outlined below.

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