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Changing permissions for team leaders
Changing permissions for team leaders

In this article, I'll tell you how to set team leader permissions.

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Default user rights

A team leader has access to all data concerning the colleagues on their team and can also view the basic profile of all their other colleagues. This allows a team leader to view their team's files in addition to their own personnel files. The team leader also has access to the items "Leave," "Absence," "Overtime," and "Reports. Here, a team leader sees only the data related to their team. In addition, the team leader receives all notifications (for example, of a leave request).

Adjustable user rights

In your company settings there is a menu item "Team leader rights", here you can select which of the following features your team leaders can see:

  • Contracts

  • Salaries

  • Documents

These settings apply to all team leaders within your organization. A team leader can of course only view the additional information of their own with these settings.

Some important notes:

  • The permissions only apply to the team members of a team leader; they can never see contracts, salaries, or documents of colleagues outside their team.

  • The settings apply to all team leaders within your company.

  • Team leaders can only view, edit, and add items. Deleting a contract, salary, or document is not possible, only administrators can do this.

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