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Approving overtime (for administrators/team leaders only)
Approving overtime (for administrators/team leaders only)

This article is intended for administrators and team leaders and extends on approving registered hours.

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Have your employees submitted hours? HoorayHR allows you to easily approve hours so your administration is up to date in no time.

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Approving hours

You’ll be notified by e-mail and on your dashboard when someone in your team has registered hours. You can approve and process the hours in the following way:

  • Dashboard: all items that have been sent in will show on the team leader’s or administrator’s dashboard. You can approve or decline items directly from here. When you have many items to approve, use the time overview for bulk processing (see below).

  • By app: You can use the mobile app for processing company and/or team requests. You’ll find them under “Time” where you’ll be able to approve or decline them right away.

  • Time overview: in the time overview you can approve, decline, revoke, delete or change the status of multiple requests right away. Tick the boxes of the items you want to change the status of to get started.

After approving the screen directly shows which administrator or team leader approved the hours.

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