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Processing hours (for administrators/team leaders only)
Processing hours (for administrators/team leaders only)

This article is intended for administrators and team leaders and extends on approving registered hours.

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Do you want to keep track of the hours you need to pay out and which ones have already been processed in your administration? Then use the “process” feature. You can assign the “processed” status to items when you have paid out overtime to employees, for example. Next month you’ll still know what you’ve already paid out and what not. In other words: you’ll know what has been processed.

You can do the processing as follows:

  • In the time-item: open a time-item and scroll down. Below administrators can change the status.

  • In the time overview: by selecting one or multiple rows you can process the selected items immediately. After you made the selection, click “process” and all selected hours will be assigned the “processed” status.

Want to know more about bulk processing? Read the article “processing items in bulk” to find out more.

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