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How do you add contracts to HoorayHR and assign them to employees? We’ll explain what to do.

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Managing contracts in HoorayHR provides you with an overview of all your contracts. You’ll always have an overview of all contract data and you know how many contracts an employee has. All your contracts under control.

  1. Go to the employee profile to add a contract.

  2. Go to “Employment” and click “Contracts”.

  3. Add a new contract by selecting “Add contract”.

  4. Fill out the start date, end date, type of contract, contract hours and possible comments.

  5. You can add the contract as a document in the Documents tab.

  6. Click “Upload” in the Documents screen.

  7. Select the right file.

  8. Has your document successfully been uploaded? Then you can select a category and/or a label. Consider categories like: Contracts with a label: Type of contract (permanent, fixed-term) This is how you create a clear overview.

  9. Finally, you can set notifications for when contracts expire. You can do this by accessing the contract under “Contracts” from the main menu. You can select an X number of days and/or months.*

*Are you not attaching the contract as a separate file in HoorayHR? Then you’ll automatically get an email on 3 set moments when the contract is about to expire. This will be at 96, 66 and 36 days before the end date of the contract. We’ve taken care of that for you. Isn’t that nice?

After uploading the contract, have you chosen a number of fixed moments when you want to receive a notification? Then you will receive the notifications on the days you have set yourself + the standard fixed moments (the 96, 66, 36 days before the end date). So you never forget a contract extension.

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