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Managing and maintaining employment contracts
Managing and maintaining employment contracts

In this article we will help you to manage and maintain the employment contracts of your employees.

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You can save employment contracts in personnel files in HoorayHR. It’s safe, easy, and always accessible for employer and employee. This ensures transparent cooperation, because employee and employer know exactly what they have agreed. With HoorayHR you never forget to renew or terminate an employment contract!

Creating and saving employment contracts

Step 1: creating a contract (for administrators only)

Find an employee first before creating the contract. Then add a contract to their personnel file. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Type of contract (permanent, fixed-term)

  • Start date

  • End date (for fixed-term contracts)

  • Contract hours (per week).

  • The amount of holidays for permanent employment (this is not used to calculate the annual leavea allowance, use the work schedules for that).

  • Relevant comments

Step 2: add the documents (it’s optional, but useful to complete the personnel file with)

  • A signed (scanned) version of the contract by both employer and employee.

  • A valid ID (front and back)

  • Filled out form that includes data for payroll taxes

  • Possibly some extra documents like an NDA

  • The bank details for paying out the salary (a copy of the card is fine too).

By saving all of the above in the personnel files, they’re fully complete! Pretty useful.

Overview of all employment contracts

HoorayHR supplies you with an overview of all (active and inactive) contracts There are smart filters that answer questions such as:

  • Who have a permanent contract?

  • Which employees don’t have an active contract?

  • Which contracts are about to expire?

  • Who will be entitled to a permanent contract (later on)?

Viewing contracts (for employees)

Employees can always access their own employment contract(s). Useful when you want to retrace what you’ve agreed on. Contracts are only visible to employee and administrator (employer). Team leaders and other employees can never view your contracts. Access your personnel file for all your contracts and accompanying documents.


When a contract has an end date, the administrator is notified when it is about to expire. You’ll get the notifications 30 and 60 days before expiration.

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