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How are personnel files built up?
How are personnel files built up?

In this article we’ll explain how personnel files are built up and what information you can retrieve from them.

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Isn’t it nice to have everything in one place at HoorayHR?

You’ll be able to easily retrieve what has been discussed and agreed upon between employer and employee. We’ll walk you through everything you can find in HoorayHR personnel files as an employee.

HoorayHR personnel files

The personnel files are made up of the following:

  1. Availability
    In the availability tab you’ll find your current and expired schedules. Based on the current and expired schedules we precisely calculate the annual leave allowance.

  2. Profile
    Your profile contains your name and address details, your start date, birthday and your current schedule.

  3. Company assets
    An overview of all the assets you have on loan.

  4. Contracts
    Perhaps one of the most important functions is managing contracts. A contract can be created for each employee and it can include the start and end date of the contract. It is transparent to share these dates with employees. It’s also possible to add a PDF with the signed contract. Admins navigating to Contracts in the main menu have a complete overview of all contracts, including expiration dates. You’ll never forget to terminate or renew a contract again!

  5. Expense claims
    An overview of all your expense claims.

  6. Documents
    Don’t want to lose payslips anymore? Under document you’ll find all your payslips and if possible annual statements. Admins can upload payslips through documents in the main menu.

  7. Annual leave allowance
    In case you want to know how much allowance you still have and when it will expire, you can access your annual leave allowance.

  8. Leave requests
    Excited about your holiday plans? Access your leave requests to view the status of your request.

  9. Overtime
    If your organisation tracks overtime, you can see all the overtime in the time tab and check whether you have been paid out or gotten time off in lieu.

  10. Mutations
    The mutations tab shows you mutations to your annual leave allowance.

Who has access?

Not everyone can view the entire personnel files. The following types of access is granted towards different roles:

  • You: as the owner of your profile you can of course view your entire profile.

  • Admin: the admin can view everything.

  • Team leader: the teamleader of the employee in question sees the profile and the leave requests, so they can manage their team well and respond to leave requests accordingly.

  • Other employees: other employees only view the profile. This way new colleagues can get to know each other in advance, for example. How nice!

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