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Get started with "Contracts"
Get started with "Contracts"
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Keeping track of contracts

HoorayHR offers the option of storing employment contracts in personnel files. Safe, easy, and always accessible for employer and employee. This ensures transparent collaboration, as employees and employers know exactly what they have mutually agreed upon. With HoorayHR, you will never forget to renew or terminate an employment contract again!

Smart notifications at the end of the contract or probationary period

When a contract has an end date, you as administrator will be notified when it is about to expire. You receive these notifications 90 and 45 days in advance.

Directly upload documents with a contract

Add the contract to documents to make the employee's profile even more complete.

Digitally sign contracts

By linking to a digital signing tool, you can have colleagues sign documents directly from HoorayHR. Useful for contracts but also for confidentiality agreements, for example.

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