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In this article we’ll explain how you can add new employees/colleagues to HoorayHR.

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In HoorayHR you can gather all employee data in one place. For example: schedules, emergency contacts, leave requests and overtime. That’s why it comes in handy that you can add new employees and archive the old ones. This way you can keep an up-to-date overview.

You can try all HoorayHR features for free during a 14-day trail period. After this period, you’ll pay €5.00 per user, per month.

Adding colleagues

  1. Click on your avatar at the top right of the screen.

  2. Click “Add colleagues”.

  3. Optional: Enable direct invitations, so your employees get an invitation to create their own account. You can also postpone this.

  4. Enter your employees’ e-mail addresses and click “Add”.

Please note! The “Invite directly” option is turned off by default.

This means your new employee hasn’t been invited yet. As an administrator, you can first complete their profile. Consider preparing their personnel file, annual leave allowance, contract and assigning them to a team When you have completed the entire profile, you can send an invitation from the dashboard.

Lost or deleted invitations

Did you invite a new colleague but have they deleted the e-mail by accident? Don’t worry! You can send a new invitation from your dashboard and/or their profile.

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