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How do you set and record employee salaries? We’ll explain more about the salary overview!

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Employees’ salary overviews

You can access the Employment terms, including salary of employees through their profiles. A timeline shows how your employee’s salary has been built up over the years. For each salary active work schedules are taken into account to see which ones influence the salary. Based on this you are presented with a gross monthly salary. The salary overview is only accessible for the administrator and the employee in question.

Adding a salary

Step 1: Go to colleagues and select the employee you want to add the salary for.

Step 2: Go to “Employment” and click “Employment terms”.

Step 3: Click “Add terms”.

Step 4: Enter the start date and Choose an employment term to add.

Step 5: Enter the value of the full-time gross monthly salary.

Step 6: Enter a comment if necessary.

Tip: You can easily change the salary from the past and already set it for the future as well. This way, you and your employee have a great roadmap of the growth of the salary.

Adding/deleting the salary

Entered the wrong salary? No worries. You can always change or even delete a salary.

Step 1: Go to your employee’s profile to “Employment” and click “Employment terms”.

Step 2: Behind a specific salary, click on the pencil icon to edit.

Step 3: Change the employee’s salary through the pop up or click “Delete” to delete the salary.

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