Hooray offers administrators and team leaders reports to get a full grip on your company or team. Do you want to know how many notifications of absence exist? Or want to know which team has the highest percentage of absenteeism? Aside from absenteeism reports, there are also leave reports and time sheet reports available. Easy-peasy!


Every report presents insights on 3 business levels. Administrators have can view all employees and teams. Team leaders only get to see the information directly relevant to them.

  • Company level

  • Team level

  • Employee level


Employees - The number of active users.

You’ll see how many active employees there are at a glance.

Notifications - The amount of notifications of absenteeism

Notifications of absenteeism include all reports, not accounting for notifications of recovery.

Absenteeism - The amount of hours of absenteeism.

Absenteeism is calculated based on the work schedule/availability of employees. Notifications of absenteeism that aren’t accompanied by a notification of recovery aren’t taken into account. Only completed notifications of absenteeism (i.e. the employee has recovered) are calculated.

Absenteeism % - Based on a work schedule of all active colleagues HoorayHR calculates how many hours the company or a team can operate. With this number versus the number of hours of absence, the absence percentage is calculated (how much of the total working time has someone been ill).


All overviews are set to this year by default. Do you want to view data from a specific period? You can use the filter and navigation buttons to jump through the different periods.

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