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Registering and approving overtime
Registering and approving overtime

In this article we’ll explain how overtime can be registered and approved in HoorayHR.

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Are you or your team members working overtime? Do you want to compensate your employees for the extra hours they put in? Then register those hours in Hooray. We make sure are allowances are right and everyone gets what they are supposed to. All agreements are taken care of for you.

Registering overtime

Registering overtime is easy! Next to some insights, such as your pending requests and your annual leave allowance, the dashboard also lets you register overtime.

Keeping track of overtime

  1. Way of compensation
    Select the way you want to compensate for overtime. You can select time off in lieu (the hours will be added to the annual leave allowance) or have them paid out. You make the payments yourself through your payroll administration.

  2. Day and times
    Select the day and the start and end time. HoorayHR calculates (round to 1 decimal place) how many extra hours you worked.

  3. Reason
    Describe which project, job, or client is involved. The clearer your description, the more context your administrator or team leader has to approve the hours.

Registering overtime when you’re an administrator or a team leader.

Administrators have more options so they can keep track of the overtime of the whole organisation or team instead of only themselves. Administrators can also save overtime as approved directly in order to take care of it in one go.

  1. Who you want to register overtime for
    Select the employee you want to register overtime for.

  2. Way of compensation
    Next to time off in lieu and paying out hours, the administrator can also directly mark the overtime as paid out. This can be useful if you want to register overtime in retrospect.

  3. Status
    Each request is accompanied by a “pending” status by default. Administrators can directly approve overtime.

Approving overtime (for administrators only)

You’ll be notified by e-mail and on your dashboard when someone in your team has registered overtime. When you receive the request you can approve or decline it right away.

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