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Processing items in bulk

If you want to process multiple overtime requests at once you can use the bulk function. We’ll help you in this article!

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You’ll be notified by e-mail and on your dashboard when someone in your team has registered overtime. When you receive the request you can approve or decline it right away.

Sometimes you have to process a lot of overtime at once. When someone has put in their hours as a recurring event, or when multiple team members have put in extra hours, or when there was a special project, this can become quite a task.

So, you processing hours in bulk might come in useful here. You can process multiple time items in bulk from the Time overview. You can do this as follows:

  1. Check the box on the top in the time overview (see screenshot).

  2. Process the selected requests with the options in the grey bar. Read more about the different options in this article.

  3. Do you want to process certain hours or hours from a certain period in bulk? You can use the filter and navigation buttons to jump through the different periods.

  4. Select the filters/period before you select the hours with the checkbox. The screenshots below show you where to select the filters and period.

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