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Compensating overtime
Compensating overtime

In this article we’ll explain how overtime can be compensated in HoorayHR.

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You can use HoorayHR to easily compensate your (over)time. You can select the “Way of compensation” when registering hours. You can also create a label for overtime to bundle all hours registered under overtime.

Do you want to use compensation? Then select one of the options below, or check when approving hours that the way of compensation is accurate (see screenshot):

  • None

  • Time off in lieu: after approval, these hours will be added to the annual leave allowance of the employee.

  • Pay out: when you select “pay out” you can easily track who’s hours need to be payed out. The hours overview shows you who needs to be paid out what hours. You can also create an Excel export and send it to your payroll administrator. The status “processed” shows you which hours have been paid out. Check out the “Actions and statuses of hours” article to get a better understanding of the process.

The overview of hours directly shows you whether you will be compensated and in what way. You can filter it to pay out, for example, and see how much overtime needs to be paid out.

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