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User rights and roles
Rights and roles - What can an employee with a standard role see?
Rights and roles - What can an employee with a standard role see?

This is to show admins and team leaders what the Hooray workspace looks like for employees.

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As an administrator, you have insight into the entire company in HoorayHR within your environment and can view all information (profile data, employment, contracts, documents, etc.) of all your colleagues as well as edit it. However, your colleague can only view his own data and applications in his own profile and can see general company information that you have shared with everyone.

Without creating a separate user profile, you want to know: what does your colleague actually see if he or she is not an administrator? Below we have compiled for you the most important features from the employee role:


After login, everyone has a Dashboard where the most important topics are summarized. Your colleague would find here his own open tasks and requests and a quick navigation to new requests. Furthermore, on the left side, your colleagues will see who is working today and if there are anniversaries or birthdays coming up soon.

In our example, we are logged in as the colleague Corrie who is not a team leader or administrator:


In the dark blue menu, Corrie can navigate to Colleagues. Here is a list of all colleagues within Corrie's company where names, teams, positions, administrators and profile status (e.g., active) can be seen:

Once Corrie clicks a colleague's name, a general profile of that colleague appears with their name, position, team and work schedule. No other sensitive data is shared from another colleague.


In the calendar, Corrie can see everyone's information regarding: approved leave (including their own open requests > dashed blue bar), work locations of others, planned work days according to the work schedule (gray = no planned work day) and Corrie can filter by teams. Furthermore, each colleague can plan ahead the work location for themselves by clicking on a day of the week and choosing the location.

My profile

Like everyone else, Corrie also has visibility into their own profile and employment. However, a colleague here actually only sees their own data, part documents, workflows, development, etc. back here.

The difference with an administrator is that Corrie can modify the Profile piece herself, but cannot modify all other data regarding Employment, Leave budgets, Holidays, etc. herself, that remains a right for the administrator(s).

Leave allowance

A standard user sees their own leave budget and would also find other leave types assigned to themselves here. How the leave budgets are structured remains transparent, as your colleague can view their own leave budget report. Edits and leave changes cannot be made by your colleague, that remains a right for the administrator.

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