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Saving and sending out payslips
Saving and sending out payslips
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Are you an employer wanting to make a good impression? Then, keeping the personnel files of your employees up to date is important and HoorayHR helps you do it with ease. Next to leave, absenteeism and overtime you can also easily and quickly save payslips and annual statements. Moreover, you can send them to all your employees with one click of a button.

Payslips inbox

As an administrator, you can access documents to perform several actions, such as uploading, saving, sending, and deleting payslips. Your employees will receive a notification right away that their new payslip is available and that their personnel files have been updated. Easy-peasy!

Regular users (employees) can’t upload payslips themselves. Only the administrator can do this.

Payslips within personnel files

Employees can find an overview of all their payslips and annual statements in their profile. Go to Documents > Payslips. This overview is automatically updated when an administrator uploads a new payslip or annual statement.

Uploading, saving and sending payslips right away

Step 1. Go to documents and click on Payslips.

Step 2. Click “upload”. Select multiple files (you can also drag them into the window). Accepted file formats are: doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .png and .pdf.

Step 3. Select to which period is applied to this payslips.

Please note! Based on the file name (the file itself is never processed through a scan) HoorayHR tries to select the right colleague. Please have a look whether you have set the right period.

Step 4. Ready to upload!

Step 5. Select all concepts

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