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Subscribing to HoorayHR and available payment methods
Subscribing to HoorayHR and available payment methods

Considering to subscribe to HoorayHR? We’ll be sharing with you some information regarding the subscription and payment.

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How cool! You’re considering subscribing to HoorayHR, we’re so excited!

If you still want time to think or try out HoorayHR, take the 14-day free trial at your pleasure.

We’ve got you covered

HoorayHR is free of charge for the first 14 days. We want you to be able to take your time. After this period, you’ll pay € 5.00* per user, per month starting from the date of first registration. This is an all-in-one fee, without implementation costs and you can cancel every month.

Tip: The system calculates the invoice amount based on the highest number of profiles that were not in the archive in the current billing month.

Once you archive a profile, it will still count in the first invoice but not in the subsequent new invoice month.

Subscribing to HoorayHR

As an administrator, you can easily subscribe to HoorayHR.

Right now you can only pay the subscription by credit card or through a direct debit.

The payment procedure contains 3 steps:

  1. Select payment method (credit card or direct debit)

  2. Fill out the information for the invoice

  3. Fill out payment details.

Done! You can use all the features right now!

Accessing invoices

You’ll get an invoice from HoorayHR every month. You can download the invoices from the HoorayHR workspace and we will also send them to you by e-mail.

Looking for invoices? Click your avatar at the top right and select invoices.

Changing business details

Did your company move? No worries, you can easily change your business details. All future invoices will be adjusted. You can change your business details by clicking company settings behind your avatar on the top right.

*Pricing excl. additional fees for add-ons and selected integrations.

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