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You’ll learn all about the document overview feature in HoorayHR in this article.

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Employers want to keep a grip on their business, which includes all processes involved. Document management by HoorayHR makes this child’s play. Create categories, share documents with one push of a button and set reminders so you won’t forget anything.

Documents overview

This overview provides you with support and let’s you take actions quickly.


Your personnel file will be growing as time goes on. Categories help you create structure and let you navigate easily among your documents. We’ve provided two default categories for you: Payslips and contracts.

“About to expire”

Documents that will expire in 3 months from now will be displayed here so you can take action.

“Recently edited”

The last 10 documents you or another administrator has edited. The most recent edited ones are always on top.


Select multiple documents, share them with your colleagues and send a notification or delete them by one push of a button.

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