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How do I create a template for reports?
How do I create a template for reports?

In this article we’ll explain how to create a template for reports using the “Performance management” feature.

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Administrators can create templates themselves. This provides you with formats for your recurring HR processes, such as year-end reviews, one-on-one meetings, performance reviews etc. Your team leaders and employees will be able to access this library and start a report easily! Useful and quick!

Creating templates for performance management

  1. Access “Performance” from the main menu.

  2. Select the templates option from the menu.

  3. Click the “Add template” button.

  4. Give the template a name. For example: “Performance review”. You can also add a description to the template.

  5. Add your first questions. You can create open questions, scale questions and multiple choice questions.

  6. Put your questions in the right order by dragging and dropping them.

  7. Hit “save”.

Done! Your template can now be used to create a report.

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