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Calling in sick and notifying you’ve recovered
Calling in sick and notifying you’ve recovered

This article elaborates on how to notify absence and how to set your own or an employee’s status back to recovered in HoorayHR.

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You can notify your team leader(s) through HoorayHR when you’re ill for the day. The article below explains step-by-step how to call in sick (notification of absence) through HoorayHR and how to send a notification of your recovery.

Absenteeism registration within HoorayHR

Absenteeism registration is a piece of cake in HoorayHR! HoorayHR uses the following steps for calling in sick and notifying you’ve recovered:

  • Step 1 - Absenteeism notification: call in sick.

  • Step 2 - Recovery notification: record you’ve recovered.

  • Step 3 - Recovery confirmation: a team leader or administrator confirms you’re at work again.

Team leaders and administrators can record absenteeism and recovery both at once. Read the article “Absenteeism registration at your company“.

Absenteeism notification (calling in sick)

You can access the absenteeism form through your dashboard or your profile.

From your dashboard, you can click the '+ New' button under the category "Quickly navigate to".

From your own profile, you go to "Sick leave" and you click on the button 'Report sick leave'.

The form has been filled out for you already as much as possible, so you can get back to bed asap.

  1. What day
    The first day an you’ve been ill. The day is set to today by default.

  2. Absent for the entire day
    Write down whether you’ve been absent for the entire day or just a part of the day.

  3. Expected return
    Write down when you expect to be back. This is just an indicator for your team leader and/or administrator.

  4. Percentage
    Fill out this field when you’re only partially ill. It’s set to 100% by default. Always discuss with your team leader first before you put in you’re partially ill.

  5. Reason (optional):
    Are you on holiday? Write down the address so your team leader(s) can reach you. Or use this field for a small hand-over.
    Please note: the law states you don’t have to provide a reason for being ill.

Nothing more, nothing less. Now you can go back to bed.

Click “Save” to notify your team leader(s) and administrator(s).

When you’ve recovered

Have you recovered an even been working again? Enter your recovery into Hooray. You can access your notification(s) of absence through your dashboard or profile. Enter two more things to officially be recorded as recovered.

  1. Recovery date
    The date you recovered. The day is set to today by default.

  2. Absent for the entire day
    Write down whether you have been present for the entire day or just a part of the day.


By notifying you’ve recovered your team leader(s) and administrator(s) will get a notification.

Confirmation of recovery

This is something your team leader has to take care of. When you’ve put in you’ve recovered, your team leader will be notified. It’s up to them to complete the last step: confirming you’ve recovered.

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