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Get started with "Travel expenses"
Get started with "Travel expenses"
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Submit travel expenses easily

The option ''Travel expenses'' can be found in the feature “Expense claims". Here, you can easily submit how many expenses or kilometres you have incurred via the computer or the app.

Calculate kilometres automatically

When entering a location, it is good to know that the more precisely you enter the location, the more precisely the number of kilometres will be calculated. When you type in the address, HoorayHR will give suggestions. You can then select from them. The more precise you enter your address, the more accurate the distance will be. You can start from a specific city, street or even from a postcode and house number.

Quick duplicate and bundled submission

In a travel expense report, you can add an infinite number of trips. You can also choose to keep track of your travel expenses for a month in HoorayHR and submit in bulk. You can do this by saving your claim as a draft after updating instead of submitting it.

'Draft' is a new status that can only be used within travel expenses. By saving submitted trips as drafts, you can stack trips.

Approving and processing

The submitted travel expenses appear in the administrator's task list for approval.

Read more about processing travel expenses here.

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