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Expense claims
Expense claims
Get started with "Expense claims"
Get started with "Expense claims"
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Submitting expense claims with the app

Making a claim in the app can be done very easily. At the bottom of the screen, select the feature ''Expense claims'' and then press the + at the top of the screen.

Read more about submitting claims here.

Approval by team leaders

Team leaders see their team's expense reports in their tasks. The team leader can then approve expense claims for their own team.

Process directly in your bookkeeping package

With a UBL integration, expense claims from HoorayHR are linked directly to the specified accounting system. This way, the bookkeeper immediately has an overview of all claims, and the tax breakdown is also directly included.

Read more about how to create such a link here.

Monthly reports

The number of claims and the associated costs are shown at various levels in this overview. Per label, per team, per person and per person per label.

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