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FAQ - Settings for types of leave
Setting leave for on-call employees (with a 0-hours contract)
Setting leave for on-call employees (with a 0-hours contract)

If you want your on-call employees to accumulate leave as well, you have to set this differently from usual employees

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Normally holidays are calculated based on the amount of hours in a time sheet However, on-call employees don't have a fixed set of hours and write their hours down separately. We'll explain how they can accumulate leave anyway.

Time sheet

A time sheet is needed to determine how many hours a working day has (max.). When the employee requests leave, the amount of hours in the time sheet is used to calculate how many of the leave budget will be taken by the request.

  1. In case a working day consists of 8 hours, then enter this for all the days of the week the on-call employee could possibly work.

  2. Tick the "Zero-hours contract or freelancer" box.

Accumulating leave

Accumulating leave in proportion to the time sheet doesn't work for on-call workers. Something you can do, is adding a new type of leave that appoints a percentage of the hours worked to the leave allowance budget.

Step 1

Create a type of leave and select "Percentage of recorded hours" as calculation method. You can then enter the percentage, 10% for example (6 minutes of leave for each hour worked).

Step 2
Assign the leave type to an employee.

Step 3
The leave allowance will now be automatically be calculated based on all the (approved) hours worked by the employee. You can see this in the employee's profile, for example.

Step 4
The leave allowance report shows you exactly how many hours have been accumulated. Pretty useful!

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