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How can I check if the leave budget is correct (per colleague)?
How can I check if the leave budget is correct (per colleague)?

In this article we explain how you can check the leave budget per employee.

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To check the leave budgets of your colleagues, first go to the leave budget report. In this article we explained where you can find it.

From the leave budget report of a specific leave type, select the "Mutations" tab. You will now receive an overview of events for the selected period (e.g. January - December 2023):

  • Included - budgets from previous years that have not yet expired

  • Accrual - budgets you receive based on the leave type settings (e.g. prorated based on your work schedule, time-for-time hours, or a percentage of hours written)

  • Accumulation correction - possible corrections to the accrual of hours, for example for absenteeism or taking unpaid leave

  • Leave - approved leave requests and required days off

  • Movement - manual leave transactions on the budgets

  • Expired - budgets that are expiring

Events that are grayed out are expected in the future, but have not yet been factored into your budget (because the date is still imminent).

This way you can check in one overview whether all budgets are calculated correctly. This can be shown for the current period as well as (if available) for previous and future period(s).

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