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How does the leave budget statement work?
How does the leave budget statement work?

In this article, we will show you how the leave budget statement works.

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The leave budget statement is now even more straightforward. In addition, you get more insight into the leave structure and the different leave types.

Access the overview

You can open the leave budget statement using the following steps.

Tip: Are you viewing the leave report for yourself? Then start by opening your profile and following the steps from step 3.

1. Go to 'Colleagues'.

2. Then choose the employee you want to view

3. Click on 'Leave' here

4. Click on the 'Budgets' tab

5. Click the leave type to go to the leave budget statement.

Leave budget statement content

Within the leave budget, there are a number of important things to find about the structure of this leave type and you get more insight into the distribution of hours within a leave type.

Tab 'Leave budget'

Received and used

The budget that has been been carried over, received, used and is still available. You can easily see the distinction between the current period (dark text) and the next period which only becomes available on the start date of this specific period.

All expiration dates

Here you can find which budgets will expire soon (within 12 months). To see all expiry information, including budgets that have already expired, click 'Show all expiration dates'.

Leave rules

The rules of the leave type which were set. You will see a short summary of these with the main elements.

Tab 'Transactions'


Een tab “mutaties” kun je zien als een tijdlijn van alle gebeurtenissen binnen het verloftype. Zo kun je zelf herleiden hoe het budget is opgebouwd.

You will find the following events here:

  • Transferred - budgets from previous years that have not yet expired

  • Accrual - budgets you receive based on the settings of the leave type (e.g. pro rata based on your work schedule, time off in lieu hours or a percentage of booked hours)

  • Accrual correction - possible corrections to the accrual of hours, e.g. for absence or take-up of unpaid leave

  • Leave - approved leave requests and mandatory days off

  • Transaction - manual leave movements on budgets

  • Expired - budgets that expired

Events that are light-coloured and striped are expected in the future but have not yet been processed in your budget (because the date is still forthcoming).

Tab 'Accrual'

Under the ‘Accrual' tab, the administrator sets when and how much budget the employee accrues. If it concerns a leave type that calculates on a pro-rata basis of the work schedule, you set the accrual for full-time employment here.

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