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Partner access: Portal for access to your customers' environment
Partner access: Portal for access to your customers' environment

In this article, we talk more about Partner access in HoorayHR, a portal to customer accounts in HoorayHR for partners.

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Are you a payroll administrator, external HR consultant or accountant and do your customers use HoorayHR? Then it is possible to access your customers' environments free of charge. As a partner, it is in fact possible to make use of partner access.

(If you are an administrator in HoorayHR and would like to grant your partner access from his/her HoorayHR account, send an invitation via Company Settings > Partner access)

How do I gain access to my client's account?

Your customers can give you access to their accounts in HoorayHR via Partner access. In one overview, you can easily view your customers' interfaces. To use this, you need your own HoorayHR account. You can create this account yourself, and we will set it to free (please contact our support team) so that you do not have to incur any costs.

To activate Partner access, take the following steps

  1. Provide the email address to HoorayHR support (by chat or email) that you used to create the account.

  2. HoorayHR checks if you are an external client partner.

  3. HoorayHR will convert your account into a free environment.

  4. Ask your customer to be invited to the environment. Here, it is important to use the same e-mail address you used to create your own account.
    Customers can invite you as a partner via this link

  5. You will receive an invitation e-mail from your customer. Accept this invitation, after which the customer's account will be added to your portal.

Note! All administrators in your portal have access to the customer interfaces linked to your portal.

To switch between accounts, it is possible to click on your own company name. A dropdown will appear showing all your customers. The dropdown becomes visible as soon as at least one customer is linked.

Do you have any further questions? Our support team is ready for you.

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